DX212715Sometimes you feel it’s right before you wear it. Because it’s fairly traded, ecological and vegan. Because it feels like it has passed the overheated production and consumption patterns of today. ‘Cause it feels like tomorrow. That’s what I felt when I saw the homepage of Bleed Clothing (where the companie’s philosophy comes before the product sub menu). And when we first got into contact this impression was enlarged by the spirit of this friendly people in a young and growing enterprise – a start up company and a family business.

And when I held my first styles in hands these rather theoretic impressions were mixed up with the pleasure to see the product quality on these natural designs with (compared to most outdoor brands) smooth and decent colours, that totally refuse the flash effect and the product quality. At least by now I knew had a great new partner. And I couldn’t remember to have had that much pride and joy towards new clothes in the past 15 years.

Together we will work on a new climbing collection and on telling the world the story of this so differently fair brand. And I am really looking forward to some fashion shootings on the Altiplano…


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