365 days in a yurt with a footprint less than one

We lived exactly one year in our yurt – a 6m diameter, traditional nomad house tent from Mongolia with some adaptations for European climate – and it was the best way of living I have encountered in my life. Beauty mixes up with light, cosiness – created by the proximity to mother nature – and the crackling of the stove. You feel that there is something mighty that surrounds you and you feel you don’t want to destroy it. For respect and perhaps even for fear. So we lived with an ecological foot print of less than one for these twelve months. Through springtime, summer, autumn and winter.

And then we lent the yurt to a friend in France, who lived two years inside it to return it to us this year. So we are back inside the round since this September…

Or just enjoy the four seasons (links on the pics):





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