Up from 2017 I will be working with Scarpa and Petzl

After three years of nonprofit climbing purely for myself, that led me after a six months injury in 2014 up to completely new heights (Meiose, 9b, Charmey, 11/2015, or Drop a line, 8C+, Cousimbert, 04/2015) I decided to again enter in two new partnerships with Scarpa and Petzl.

My favorite for at least five years. The Instinct…
… that has found it’s latest version in the Instinct VS-R.

Despite other contracts in the past I hardly can remember the times I climbed anything different than Scarpa shoes (it must have been before 2005). For me the best shoemakers in the world do not only guarantee for quality and a longer life time than the concurrency, but for still producing in Italy. This approach is crucial to me, as I don’t want to support as well cheap as environmentally and socially few responsive productions some thousands of kilometers away. I rather love to be able to promote from now on even officially (I always recommended Scarpa shoes to everyone who asked me) a brand that I support to a 100%. Special thanks to Heinz Mariacher who brought me there. I am looking forward to working with all of you!

The art of placing logos ;)…

With the same motivation-mix of commitment to quality and the attempt not to strain this planet too much I enter into my second new collaboration with Petzl. There is hardly a climber who never wanted to belong to this team of great names, neither me. Nor is there any doubt about the quality standards of Petzl products or there attachment to producing in Europe where great parts of the equipment comes from. In addition Petzl has been caring for over ten years now for environment and men in shape of the Petzl foundation. In my opinion a very important aspect is to give back to nature and people what you have earned in borrowing their resources.

I am as happy about these two new partners as I am psyched to start our collaboration in form of lots of great stories, videos and photos about new achievements in climbing and our trips!

scarpa-trans-schein petz schein

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